Friday, January 2, 2009


Well, let's go check out my somewhat-old figure today.
New review is for Megahouse's RAHDX figure of Haman Karn from ZZ Gundam.
Found her at AnimeEvolution this summer in Vancouver. Ended up buying her on the last day after questioning whether I should go ^^

Turned out it was totally worth it, since Haman-sama is my favorite Gundam character ever. I got a pretty good deal on her too, only 50$, which is list price. Normally I pay list price +30-40$ when I buy anything. Fairly good quality for such a cheap figure too. But, it's the onyl non-resin Haman-sama I know of, so I'm estatic to get it in the first place.
She's a 1/8 scale, though still quite large among my girls since she has that big cape on her.
The actual painting on this is very nice though. Fairly clean with only the accents on her top having anything out of place. Also, very clean application. There's really no inconsistencies in the paint, expect for one thing that was my fault >.>
I accidentally got glue residue on her due to the main problem with this figure, but that I'll talk about later.

Now let's take a look at her
She's in her bridge uniform (if you can call it that ^^) from ZZ. Very nice looking shoulder-pads and other metal accents on her. I just love those boots...

Her cape is quite large though, so expect to have to make some shelf room if you do managed to get lucky and find her. I've found that she's quite rare nowadays. Very nice thing about this figure is, you can remove her "crown" from her head. The usual line that lies across most girls hairlines is actually the part that you can remove. The front of her hair comes off and you can replace it with hair that has no crown.
There's just something about Haman-sama that I find pointlessly moe for some reason ^^;
As for the actual paint detail on this figure, it's quite......well, hard to describe. The airbrushing is pretty well done all around, especially on the hair and skin, but the legs are a bit overdone. Just as well, as I said before, the detail on the chest was painted a bit hastily from the looks of things. It goes outside of the lines in a few places, but does nothing more that take a bit of the points out of it. Though despite this, it's still very symmetrical.
Another very nice thing about her was the relative lack of flash and molding lines. The only noticeable ones are the ones along the bottom of her foot at the side of her legs. Though the leg lines look alot like sowing lines in the fabric. Her hand also fits very nicely along the side of her waist. Makes for that great "Seig Zeon" pose. Very cool gloves as well.
There's also some great work done on the back of her cape. I swear that the "ressurection of the Zabi family" that she's always talking about translated into her being a Ghiren fangirl XD

There was only one large problem that I had with this figure though. It's what we call a "leaner".
When I got her, she was constantly impossible to stand. Someone at the factory had attached one of her feet the wrong way, and they had been set at an angle. This makes her lean forward about 3cm from where she should be standing.
Though this was a problem, it was an easy fix. I took a risk and scored a line in the area where her leg is attached to her foot, inside the boot. Then, I carefully snapped her foot off. I don't advise doing this yourself if you have a leaning Haman though. Take it to a pro who can do it, as you could do irreversible damage.
After snapping it off, I sanded it down a bit, so it would fit at the proper angle and glued it back in. There was absolutely no problems with her leaning after this.

Overall, a very nice figure. Though for me, any Haman figure is a great figure ^^
Rating: 7/10

And I'll leave you with this, the 2nd op to ZZ, and a picture I took at the last minute.
If anyone knows how I add youtube videos to my blog it'd be greatly appreciated if you could tell me!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kamikita Komari

First figure review so let's have at it!

This is the Bandai 1/8 scale Kamikita Komari from the manga Little Busters!
Picked her up on boxing day and have had her on my desk ever since.

First of all, I'd like to say that this is just moe in a box. The facial expression, the scarf, the hair point, it's all just too much >w<

I paid about 70$ for this, which is a bit overpriced. Though, considering it was bought from Sakura Media and not from another figure store in vancouver, it's quite average. Seriously, get your manga there, but don't be caught by those figure/model prices....

She comes on a nicely airbrushed base that looks like a floor made of wood boards. Only problem is, there's no way to attach her. Though, considering that this girl is in such a pose, pegs probably wouldn't be too good of an idea ^^"
There are some general paint inconsitencies all around on her. On the scarf there's alot of dust that was trapped in the paint while it was drying. You can see it it the grooves of the scarf on both ends. Still, the paint lines are relatively well inside the molding lines, so it make up for it.

The flash lines on her arms and parts of her legs are visible, but the ones on her sleeves fall along the seam of her sweater. It's still a bit unsightly to a perfectionist like me, but most people can ignore it. The actual paint used is quite nice however. Only a few bits of dust trapped here and there take away from it. Very nice overall colour scheme and average paint application.

And now, let's get to the real reason I bought this figure. The pantsu.
They're just too perfect.

Just as well, her skirt is removeable, so you can get an ever better view ^^
I keep mine cast-on though, since I just love the little peek like this. I also just love striped pantsu >w<

Strange story to accompany this. I was talking to a friend on msn last night about Komari. I started to say that there was a large problem that I found when I got her out of the box. My friend asked, "What, is she having her period?"
By her period, I meant that she had a tiny spot of red paint, on the absolute most perfect spot to recreate this comment =3=
It was an easy fix, all I did was put a bit of white paint over it and it dissapeared, but man.......
Still, very nice pantsu on her. Just love those stripes!!! >w<
In this pic you can see the little bits of dust I was talking about near the connection to her left thigh. Still irresistable.
Overall, an average figure. Still, very much worth it for fans of striped pantsu like me.
Pure moe in a box.
Thanks to my friend Morgan for use of his camera